EAL is improving its Functional Skills paper based processes and has made some amendments to the current procedure:


  • the paper based booking form has been changed; please use the updated version
  • please ensure that you use this form for all future requests and send this to [email protected] with the subject ‘Paper Based Exam Request
  • all requests must be made no later than 14 days before. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to accommodate late requests except in extreme circumstances
  • from 20th July 2015 EAL will require Centres to provide their own invigilation paperwork for exam papers. EAL will send a copy of this paperwork in each pack of exam papers and requires Centres to photocopy this invigilation paperwork for each exam sitting. Alternatively please print copies using the EAF4 – Attendance and Supervision report and EAF8 – Notice of disposal form.

Please note the following regulations still apply:

  • all question papers delivered in sealed wallets must be kept secure and must only be opened on the date of the assessment, in the exam room and in the presence of the learners
  • all Learner Answer Sheets/Books and other relevant materials including EAF4 and EAF8 must be returned to EAL, without delay, on the same day as the external assessment wherever possible and, in all cases, within one working day from the end of the assessment. If materials have to be kept overnight before sending, they must be kept under secure conditions. Return delivery methods must require a signature on receipt and should be delivered to EAL between 9am and 5pm Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)
  • it is the Centre’s responsibility to ensure that all EAL examinations are carried out in accordance with EAF1 - Procedures for Conduct of Exams at all times. Where this is not the case, or appears not to be the case, EAL will investigate the circumstances, which is liable to lead to a delay in results.

We thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the proper administration of external assessments at your Centre at all times.