RevEAL front coverToday marks a new ambition for EAL. An ambition to not just be the creator and guardians of products, services, qualifications and assessment but to become critical partners to your businesses and educational establishments.

In the autumn dusk of late last year, we embarked on a journey of discovery. Our main focus was finding a way to supply further value to you, our customers. Today marks that ambition coming to fruition.

Today we reveal – RevEAL.

RevEAL really has been precisely engineered just for you. In these continual times of change for the educational space, from qualifications to end-point-assessment, regulation, reforms to Brexit, whatever the subject matter we want to share with you our views, analysis and our understanding.

We know that the amount of information you have to consume can be frightening and seems to be continually changing. With RevEAL we aim to help ease the burden by providing up to date suitable information in one place.

This NEW publication will be released three times a year, at the times when we anticipate you will need that information the most. helping guide and inform your thoughts for your strategy and operational delivery. Areas we are sure you would gladly welcome current and coherent information to help support your decision making.

The features in this Spring issue include:

  • The future of engineering and skills gaps
  • Engineering Talent
  • National reforms
  • Apprenticeships and EPA
  • Brexit

We are continually committed to becoming closer to industry and create new relationships, whilst cementing value with those who utilise our products and services.

We look forward to working with you, and further strengthening our relationship with you to ensure the development of learners continue in the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector.


We are proud of this new ambition, so why not let us know what you think!

Let's start a conversation, tweet us using #RevEAL or give us a call on 01923 652400 or contact [email protected].