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  • New partnership with Routledge delivers textbook results!

Week in and week out I see practical examples of how the way we work has a positive impact on learners, on our Centres and on industry.  Sometimes it’s a big thing, at others times it’s a smaller but significant piece of the jigsaw. 

For example we recently launched our first ever textbook, developed in partnership with leading academic publishers Routledge, to support delivery of our popular Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installation.  It’s a new resource designed to intuitively help our learners on every step of their journey and has been produced in direct response to customer feedback gathered from forums and during face to face visits to Centres.

Our Electrotechnical Product Specialist, Darren Oates, suggested approaching Routledge, who were keen to work with EAL.  He then identified two authors he knew were experts in their field and had extensive experience of delivering EAL qualifications.  They knew the subject inside out, understanding both the detail of the content and the challenges faced by colleges delivering the qualifications. Their brief was to design a resource a new tutor or lecturer in a college could pick up and use to deliver our qualification from start to finish.  I’m confident that’s what we’ve achieved.

Naturally therefore, we’re planning to continue working on resources with Routledge – a Level 3 Electrical Installation textbook is in development and we’re in discussions about resources to support some of our engineering qualifications.  This new partnership with Routledge also guarantees that once again, our customers will be assured the best value for money.  The new textbook is available at an exclusive discounted rate to EAL customers and we're able to pass 100% of this benefit direct to our customers.

Each qualification we develop and each resource we design is part of a bigger picture. Relevant, practical and interactive materials designed by experts are a vital element of equipping learners with the skills and experience industry needs. So we’ll keep on listening and keep on designing the qualifications and resources that will help us to create the next generation of skilled workers.