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It's easy to take having a voice for granted. Having your views and opinions heard and considered. Sadly, for many people studying and working in different industries around the globe, this is not a privilege they are granted. Here at Enginuity we strongly believe in the voice of apprentices training in the engineering and advanced manufacturing sector. Today's apprentices are tomorrow's workforce, the energy and power behind the industry.


This passion for gaining a better understanding of sector apprenticeships from the people undertaking them transpired to us founding the Industry Apprentice Council (IAC), the voice of industry apprentices in 2012. Since then we have produced an annual report that is based purely on a survey of apprentices from across industry.

As a council our numbers are made up of young women and men currently undertaking a range of varied apprenticeships. IAC members represent a wide and diverse cross section of the sector, coming from a variety of different sized companies within the UK advanced manufacturing and engineering sector. More than just being a research hub, the IAC is proud to have members speak at events in Houses of Parliament and oversee and undertake a range of relevant outreach activity to further encourage and empower other young people to pursue industry apprenticeships.

As Ann Watson, Chief Executive of Enginuity says: "We strongly believe apprentices themselves should have a say in the future of apprenticeships and the IAC is a great way to give them a voice."

Consistently backed by some of the UK's most high profile employers, the IAC is a council unique in its scope of the UK's engineering and advanced manufacturing sector. The council welcomes new members and actively encourages applications from those who share our passion for apprenticeships.

So why should you consider joining? Here are our top 6 reasons:

  1. IAC members have the opportunity to meet and network with like minded apprentices from companies of all sizes, giving a place to open sharing of best practice.

  2. Make your opinions count. IAC members have the chance to openly discuss their views on apprenticeships on a national platform through the media and key industry events.

  3. Unique career and professional development opportunities. The IAC passionately champions and supports the professional development of apprentices. We take time to ensure members have ample opportunities to develop their communication and analytical skills in a supported environment.

  4. Not only are the views of IAC members heard, they are actively sought after by employers, MPs and the government. Our members are often invited to speak in parliament to share their experiences with a wider audience.

  5. We've all been inspired by others at some point in our career journey. Being a member of the IAC empowers you to inspire the next generation of apprentices. Our members share our passion for apprenticeships and through the unique opportunities the council avails, members are given the chance to celebrate and showcase apprenticeships in the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector to inspire the career aspirations of young people.

  6. The IAC Annual Survey. Our annual survey gives apprentices an opportunity to collectively share views on their own apprenticeship experience and subsequently inform the direction of future skills policy. To download the latest Industry Apprentice Council Report click here.

If you want to find out more about the IAC and how you can get involved give us a call on 0845 643 9001 or contact [email protected].