Closer to industry with EAL

We-are-closer-to-industry---webEAL is inviting schools and University Technical Colleges (UTCs) across the country to sign up to a pledge to offer impartial careers advice, promote the vocational route and work with employers to reveal the potential of industry careers to young people.

All participating institutions are entitled to display the 'closer to industry' badge on their website and include it in their printed materials.

You can read about how Castell Alun High School in Flintshire, the first school in the UK to be recognised for being ‘Closer to Industry’, has been ensuring its pupils are aware of all options available to them as part of their pledge.

Read the Castell Alun case study


Pledge your commitment today

The pledge is supported by the Industry Apprentice Council whose members are passionate about convincing schools to do more to promote apprenticeships.

By submitting this form the school/UTC agrees to:

  1. Provide unbiased careers advice and promote apprenticeships and the vocational route as equal to the academic route into higher education.
  2. Invite industry apprentices to visit their school to share their personal experiences with students and talk about careers in industry.
  3. Work with local employers to offer their students a chance to experience work in modern day industry through careers fairs, work experience and visits.

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