Our Exams System Is Available

We have now completed our upgrade of your Exams System and you can now run exams as normal. 

You will need to have installed the latest version of Secure Client to deliver your exams successfully.
To support you our Exams Team will providing an exam scheduling service for all exams due to be delivered Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th and Friday 5th March 2021. 

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Why choose EAL?

EAL specialises in developing and awarding qualifications for the engineering and manufacturing, building services and related sectors.

Our many years of working with industry mean that our qualifications are based on an in-depth understanding of the skills that employer across industry really need.  We also keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of what's happening in industry, monitoring emerging technologies and future trends, to make sure our learners get the most relevant and up to date training and qualifications available.

This is why over 100,000 learners choose to take an EAL qualification each year.  And it's why you can be confident that your EAL qualification will carry weight and respect with employers, bringing you real career benefits both now and in the future.


EAL Qualified Logo sample

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The level of industry consultation and employer involvement that goes into the design of EAL qualifications is unmatched by any other awarding organisation.

As a result, our qualifications are not only well recognised and fit for purpose, but they carry weight and respect with employers industry-wide.

So if you want to demonstrate the quality of learning and level of achievement you have gained, why not incorporate the EAL 'Qualified' logo within your marketing toolkit.


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