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  • Curriculum planning with EAL: Electrotechnical qualifications

Many Centres are busy exploring options for their 2016/17 curriculum portfolio, identifying qualifications that will meet the needs of industry whilst ensuring they will deliver real career benefits for learners.

EAL electrotechnical qualifications are suitable for people already in the industry, as a stepping-stone for school leavers into work or an apprenticeship and for adults looking to retrain or change their career. They are a perfect fit for inclusion as part of your 2016/17 curriculum.

We offer electrotechnical qualifications from Level 1 to Level 3, providing a range of progression opportunities for learners – from those who are new to the electrotechnical industry, to those looking to gain professional recognition from industry bodies.

EAL electrotechnical qualifications are supported by carefully tailored support materials which can include:

  • comprehensive qualification manuals providing the support you need to manage qualification delivery
  • interactive performance units for electronic completion
  • EAL approved textbooks with clearly defined learning outcomes
  • interactive resources and presentations to support the teaching and learning process
  • NICEIC support materials for inspection and testing, PAT and wiring regulations qualifications
  • unit delivery advice that provides a syllabus for knowledge delivery.