Find out everything you need to know about how you can become an EAL recognised Centre today in three simple steps.

As a provider, the awarding organisation you choose can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your qualification delivery and on the success of your learners. So picking the right partner to support you in the delivery of your chosen qualifications is critical.

EAL works with a wide range of employers, training providers, schools and colleges – both in the UK and internationally. Whether you're a large college offering a broad range of qualifications to several hundred pupils each year, a multi-national organisation or a small micro-business that specialises in delivering niche training programmes, we will work with you in providing high quality, fit for purpose qualifications that meet your learners' needs.

Three Simple Steps to Becoming Recognised

With help and support from our Customer Experience Team, becoming an EAL Recognised Centre is simple and straightforward. And your centre could be recognised in as little as two weeks.

  1. Complete an online enquiry form and tell us what you want to deliver.
  2. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss your application.
  3. Get set up on our Smarter Touch system and start delivering.

Become an EAL Recognised Centre

Why Become an EAL Centre?

Qualifications That Match Employer Needs

Our long-term partnership with industry and focus on our core sectors gives us unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the workplace and employer skills needs. This means we can fine-tune our qualifications and services to ensure these needs are continually met. The result is qualifications that carry weight and respect with employers and deliver real career benefits for learners.

Quality Support Materials

From learner guides and delivery support materials to assessment documents, our qualifications are equipped with an extensive range of high-quality support materials that are continually refined and updated to meet evolving customer needs.

Value for Money, No Hidden Extras

We offer a highly competitive pricing package and charge a single, up-front fee for registration, support materials, certification and initial assessment. As you’d expect, this means less hassle and no unexpected extras to budget for. Similarly, our External Quality Assurance Service, coupled with our comprehensive support materials and systems, are all designed to reduce the operational and cost burden incurred by Centres. Centres tell us that the support provided by their EQA saves them many staff hours per learner.

Easy to Work With

Our personal and accessible service is one of the things our customers value the most. As well as a dedicated External Quality Assurer (EQA), we offer a customer services helpline that is staffed by knowledgeable, helpful staff who have access to full customer information at their fingertips. Our customer-focused approach and flexible management systems give us the agility to listen and respond to customer needs and views. Independent customer satisfaction surveys have consistently ranked EAL as the first among UK awarding organisations for its customer service levels.

Fast and Reliable Systems

From our 7-day new Centre recognition commitment to our guaranteed 24-hour certificate turnaround, we provide fast, reliable services to help you meet the varying needs of the employers and learners you work with. Our customers can also benefit from our e-certificate service, helping them reduce cost and time spent on administration. Alongside traditional paper-based exams, our onscreen e-assessments can be taken anywhere that has an internet connection, with the flexibility to schedule exams well in advance or to meet a more immediate need. Using the SecureAssess® system, we can deliver valuable feedback reports for staff and learners, and provide immediate access to results for many exams. We also offer practice exams to help you prepare learners for their final assessments.

News, Events and Networking Facilities

Our extensive free news updates – including regular Spotlight e-bulletins and InTouch magazine – and programme of information events and networking facilities, ensures our customers are kept informed and in-touch at all times. Our free series of webinars also help EAL Centres keep up to date with the latest products and system updates.

We Invest in the Industries We Serve

Over the last 10 years, EAL has reinvested over £10 million through our Industry Support Programme into supporting vital skills in our core industry sectors. This enables us to offer the most comprehensive and industry-relevant portfolio of qualifications and frameworks provided by any UK awarding organisation to the sectors we serve, which includes specialist qualifications that would not exist without EAL's support.

Expert Support Through our Dedicated External Quality Assurance Service

Each of EAL's recognised Centres is allocated an expert, dedicated External Quality Assurer (EQA). We view our relationship with Centres as a partnership and are committed to making a difference to their businesses, and so invest in building relationships that enable us to offer the most flexible, relevant and timely support. We are the only UK awarding organisation that employs a complete team of EQAs that are each fully qualified, experienced professionals.