Being even better Prepared

prepared101From our conversations with you the same elements continue to crop up time and time again, especially around EPA registrations, tracking and visibility from the employer's perspective. Administration is a burden, tracking of apprentices is problematic, and keeping everyone engaged in the process takes time and effort. We all know it is something we have to do, but now we can make it simpler, easier!

Our new portal 'Prepared' is to be released shortly.

Prepared is a tool for your armoury that allows you to do the above and much more. It is the new online access portal that will help streamline the process in your building, collating and providing the information of your apprentice ready to undergo the EPA process.

This purposefully designed system allows training providers and employers to have a view of the apprentice's EPA journey. In using Prepared not only will it streamline the process in providing information, but it allows sight of where an apprentice is within the EPA process.

You will be able to use prepared with the EPA we are currently endorsed to deliver, please see list below;

  • Rail Engineering Operative (Level 2)
  • Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician (Light Vehicle) (Level 3)
  • Engineering Technician (in collaboration with IMechE) (Level 3)
  • Engineering Fitter (Level 3)
  • Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician (MOËT) (Level 3)
  • Rail Engineering Technician (Level 3)
  • Rail Engineering Advanced Technician (Level 4)
  • Associate Project Manager (Level 4)
  • Control/Technical Support Engineer (Level 6)
  • Electrical/Electronic Technical Support Engineer (Level 6)
  • Manufacturing Engineer (Level 6)
  • Product Design and Development Engineer (Level 6)

To see how to access and utilise the portal give us a call on 01923 652400 or contact