Quality assure delivery and assessment

… building on our Centres’ strengths to achieve  industry standards and excellence in vocational learning

  • offer unrivalled support and expertise to our recognised Centres through our External Verification Service
  • ease the operational burden and encourage best practice by providing comprehensive, high quality support materials
  • ensure the flexible provision of registration services and assessments – both online and offline – to meet a variety of needs
  • investing in systems that work to assist in quality assurance and Centre operations, specifically through our advanced new Smarter Touch portal.

Develop qualifications

... that meet the current and future skills needs of employers and learners in our core industry sectors

  • assess employer demand, drawing on labour market information
  • align our qualifications to National Occupational Standards
  • continually refine the focus and content of qualifications via industry consultations and employer focus groups
  • invest in developing and maintaining industry-relevant qualifications for our sectors through our Industry Support Programme.
  • working closely with the apprenticeship Trailblazer development groups in aerospace, automotive, electrotechnical and rail to ensure high quality, rigorous qualifications are available to employers and learners.

Represent employers

… making sure the views of employers in our core sectors are heard on policy affecting vocational qualifications

  • lobby opinion formers and decision makers on skills issues
  • take part in professional forums and sector interest groups
  • convey the impact of policy change on qualification delivery and skills development
  • host policy seminars and round table events that facilitate discussion on key issues.

Award certificates

... to each learner who achieves a qualification

  • issue nationally recognised certificates – for which we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround from request to despatch
  • provide a summary of unit achievements to support learner progression
  • offer the 'EAL Qualified' logo for achievers to demonstrate their skills to future employers and customers.

Obtain accreditation

... from the regulators, as well as approval for Apprenticeships and funding

  • gain the backing of employers, industry bodies and Sector Skills Councils
  • satisfy regulatory requirements in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • meet standards for Apprenticeship frameworks and funding eligibility.

Promote qualifications

... creating awareness of their value with business and learners

  • work with Centres and support their development
  • develop employer awareness and promote uptake of qualifications
  • generate interest in sector careers and qualifications among potential learners, their parents and influencers.

Find flexible solutions to our customers' needs

... supporting organisations looking to design, implement or develop staff training programmes.

  • design bespoke solutions that can be used individually or combined in innovative ways to create a suite of solutions to cover a wide range of training
  • help our customers embed the requirements of a qualification into their performance management systems, supporting delivery of a qualification entirely in the workplace and providing evidence of natural learning and achievement of competence
  • work closely with organisations across various sectors to help them identify and deliver high quality training programmes specially tailored to their business needs
  • facilitate the process and, using our expert development team, ensure the most appropriate approach is taken for the particular needs of the organisation with whom we are working