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About the Associate Position 

 The chief examiner will monitor the qualification specification and ensure that the assessments meet the specification requirements to maintain quality and standards over time.

The chief examiner will support the EAL qualification and assessment development team with setting, maintaining, and monitoring quality and standards in Level 3 Further Mathematics for Engineering, including:  

• content and assessment standards during qualification development including sample assessment production 

• content standards, content coverage and assessment standards during the assessment production cycle of live delivery 

• assessment standards during the standardisation, quality review and marking cycle of live delivery

• grading and awarding following a cycle of live delivery, taking into consideration standards set over time 

• post results services and appeals 

• quality review, self-evaluation, identification of risks and the implementation of improvements

What skills are required?

• Technical knowledge of the subject areas and educated to at least a degree level or an equivalent level within the subject of Level 3 Further Mathematics for Engineering.

• Technical knowledge of the subject area with excellent subject knowledge in the qualification area of Level 3 Further Mathematics for Engineering. 

• Experience of assessment from a development and delivery perspective.

• Expert knowledge of principles of assessment. 

• Experience of teaching and learning the relevant subject and level in the FE sector. 

• Proven ability to self-motivate and motivate others. • Proven ability to communicate clearly and evaluate towards improvement.


The chief examiner must complete and submit a Conflict-of-Interest declaration form to outline any potential conflicts. EAL will review and put in place measures to mitigate.


There is an annual completion payment to be paid on completion of all contracted work. Contracted days will be paid at a fixed rate.

To apply, please send your CV which demonstrates how you meet the requirements of the role to [email protected].